1. Thank you for your support Praktiker. I don’t speak German unfortunately. I scoured German part of discussion for "conrad maker" (with Google translator aid) but didn’t find anything useful. M4rk uses...
  2. Thank you for your effort. It looks like your recipe use e-mail for sending sensor parameters. I need communication with external script (target for data is mysql database)…..
  3. I believe, that "ConradMaker" actuator (black icon with "JSON /" text) can call external script in PHP and send via GET or POST sensor parameters (in my case temperature from MobileAlerts sensors). Am...
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  5. I asked ConradConnect "helpdesk" 3 days ago, no answer so far. Tried variable={{parameter}}, "variable"={{parameter}}, variable:{{parameter}}, "variable":{{parameter}}, {variable:{parameter}}, {{parameter}}...
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