1. Don't worry about the language. I myself should be speaking German/Kaernterisch since I live in Austria now. I can read and understand most of it and google translate does the rest. My written German...
  2. I am not sure if I can. I just found all my recipes are now blank inside!!! Anyway they where easy to create. Just drag and drop the various elements. No programming skills required. While I am here...
  3. I just checked my recipes and they all are know empty.. gone!! I emailed support asking why. Anyway for emailing the value of a parameter I used something like this in the body of the text: {{T/Hprobe-GarageTemperature_1.parameter}}...
  4. Well I won a prize with this but then again there not so many entries as far as I could tell. Despite replying to the initial Email from Conrad I have not heard from them :-(
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    Hi, I am using both PI2b and PI3b. I recently moved my Slimserver music server (Max2play image) from a Pi2 to a PI3 and the players are now much more responsive. I noticed it most with the image art displaying...
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    ** Problem: * If its summer and the blinds have been left open the house can overheat quickly. If its a low energy massive house then its hard to get the heat out again but if its winter then the suns...
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